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Civil Service Commission

Commisioners for the term of 2022-2025:

Louise Solliday- Chair

Steve Barham

Dakota Hartzell

Civil Services Rules.pdf

The purpose of Civil Service rules are to implement provisions for the employees of Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District #7. These rules represent the sole Civil Service policies for Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District #7 provided by ORS 242.704 and achieve for the District the following objectives:

A. To establish a system of personnel administration based on merit principles and scientific methods, governing the appointment, tenure, promotion, layoff, removal, and discipline of its officers and employees, and other incidents of employment, and to provide an exemption from ORS 242.702 through 242.824 as provided in ORS 242.704.

B. To promote and increase economy and efficiency.

C. To establish and maintain a uniform plan of classification based upon the relative duties and responsibilities of positions in the service of Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District #7.

D. To provide an equal opportunity to all qualified persons to gain employment on a basis of demonstrated merit and fitness to be ascertained by open recruitment and competitive examinations.

E. To develop a program of recruitment and advancement that will make a career in the District service attractive to persons who possess both ability and integrity.

The Civil Service Commission for Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue is made up of three Commissioners appointed by the Board of Directors to three year terms.