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Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue is looking for dedicated volunteers to answer the call. Experience is not required, and there is a job for everyone. Volunteering is much more than fighting fire, it is an opportunity to serve and give back to your community. There are multiple roles including EMS, firefighting, and support staff.

All it takes is some of your time, dedication, and willingness, and we provide the rest! We have a great crew of career and volunteer staff always willing to help you through the process. It's easier than you think.

Please come down to station 72 and pick up an application today  or you can also access and print a fillable digital application by clicking here

Drop off completed applications with our personnel at station 72, 125 NW Alsea HWY in Waldport.

Did you know that the District provides everything you need and more? 

  •  Uniforms provided at no cost
  •  Fire Academy and some EMS certification provided at no cost.
  •  All training is paid for by the District (grant opportunities for special classes and training).
  •  Active 911 phone reimbursement to Qualified Volunteers
  •  Workers’ compensation for our volunteers, If an injury/illness is accepted, medical bills will be paid by our workers compensation provider.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  •  Ambulance/Life Flight Membership: Membership is provided for ground ambulance (through Pacific West Ambulance) and air ambulance (through Life Flight). Both memberships are available at no cost to all District members.
  • Public Safety Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This benefit is provided at no cost for all District members. Confidential, free professional assistance to available to you and your family members. Public Safety EAP is a confidential counseling and support service staffed by trained professionals 24 hours a day to assist public safety personnel and their families. Counseling benefits, work/life benefits, public safety resource centers, self-help resources, lifestyle benefits, career development and training benefits, peak performance coaching.
  • Annual Awards Banquet (usually held in January): All District members and a guest are invited to this annual event where a delicious meal is served and volunteers/employees are recognized with awards, raffle drawings, etc.
  •  Educational Benefits/Grants: EMT or Fire Service classes grant opportunities. This is either a pay up     front or reimburse for the amount up to the grant approval amount.
  •  Membership with Oregon Volunteers Firefighter Association (OFVA)
  •   Discounts for Home, Auto insurance. (California Casualty)
  •   Discounts on Cell phones and service (AT&T First Net)
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